Used FastCorp Ice Cream Vending Machine



Used FastCorp Ice Cream Vending Machine for Sale

The refurbished or used FastCorp Ice Cream Machine for sale is the best solution to all of your summer problems. Everyone enjoys ice cream, adults and children alike; it’s time you capitalized on this time-honored pastime. People will pay to see the vacuum suction hose pick up ice cream bars and gently place them into the delivery bin with the Z 400 FastCorp Ice Cream Machine. If you want a long line outside your ice cream shop this summer, you must buy the Z 400 FastCorp Ice Cream Machine. This is the finest machine ever created. The FastCorp Ice Cream Machine may be used both inside and outside. All of the moving parts are kept outside of the subzero freezers. Instead of motors and switches resting in subzero temperatures, this allows the machine to function properly. Purchase the Z400, the ultimate Fastcorp ice cream machine. We never let a vending machine go unless it functions properly and looks brand new. We know what the machine requires to function properly after many years in the company. We not only sell you the gadget, but we also take care of you afterward.


  • Z400 will vend ice cream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Insert money Push the selection button and watch the show.
  • A full variety of premium-branded ice cream and frozen desserts
  • Can also vend frozen food.
  • Latest vending robotic technology.
  • Outdoor vending capabilities.
  • This machine has 12 different selections.
  • Capacity 400.
  • The unique chest freezer design ensures the highest product integrity.
  • It comes with rebuilt MEI changer and bill validator
  • An optional A new changer and bill validator with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty can be installed
  • An optional new credit card reader with a one-year  manufacturer’s warranty can be installed
  • Most energy-efficient ice cream vendor.
  • Guaranteed product delivery or your money back!
  • Dimensions (w) 36.75″ (d) 35.35″ (h) 72.0″
  • 12 months parts warranty  Shipping is not included.
  • Parts are available through A&M.
  • Shipping weight: 700 lbs.
  • Electric 115V, 60Hz, 10 Amp.


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