Royal 650 Live Display Drink Machine



Royal 650 Live Display Drink Machine for Sale

The Royal 650 Live Display Drink Machine for sale, capable of accommodating both cans and bottles, has been subjected to a process of refurbishment by A&M. We are prepared to go the extra mile in order to provide you with the optimal experience from the refurbished Royal 650 live display drink machine for cans and bottles. Our machines possess both the appearance and functionality of brand-new devices. The Royal 650 Live Display enables the placement of beverages in the door window, allowing customers to visually see the products they are considering for purchase. When making a selection, the Refurbished Royal 650 Live Display Drink Machine Can/Bottle prominently showcases the available options of bottles and cans on its front display. The aforementioned machine undergoes A&M’s meticulous remanufacturing procedure, resulting in its restoration to a state that closely resembles its original appearance and functionality. Over the past 15 years, the Royal 650 Live Display beverage machine has seen several advancements, including the implementation of energy management software. Additionally, the manufacturing facility has actively worked towards minimizing waste streams, reflecting the company’s cultural values at Royal. Royal suppliers have implemented a comprehensive environmental policy throughout the course of the last decade. We ensure that upon acquiring our vending machines, they are restored to a pristine condition and operate with optimal functionality, guaranteeing both financial returns and customer contentment.


  • Live display style merchandises most effectively with different size drinks and prices
  • Field proven, reliable impact delivery sensor detects the vend to cancel vend cycle.
  • Patented learning mode for quick vending.
  • A direct drive DC vend motor in each column drives each column’s vend rotor.
  • No vend mechanism adjustments are necessary to change from 12 oz. cans to 16 oz. or 20 oz. bottles. All that is needed is to change the depth setting in the programming and product retainers / rear spacers adjustments.
  • User-friendly menu style programming.
  • Hand Held Computer (HHC) programming and data retrieval.
  • Real time clock / calendar to control built-in timer (can display time on LED).
  • MERLIN IV supports Multi-Drop Bus coin mechanisms, bill validators, and card readers.
  • Allows programmable space to sales: custom or factory settings.
  • Capable of setting full escrow to vend (even if a column jams).
  • External menu allows access to sales (vend) counts and error information.
  • Both total (historical) and individual (resettable) vend and cash counters.
  • MERLIN IV can display the sale (vend) and cash totals (historical) on the LED upon opening the vendors main door for easy access.


Capacity: 10 Selections
12 Columns
288 20oz Bottles
648 12oz Cans
Dimensions: 72″H x 37″W x 33″D
Shipping Weight: 650 lbs.
Power: 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 12 amps


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