Dixie Narco 501e Drink Machine



The Dixie Narco 501e Drink Vending Machine for sale is widely utilized by numerous prominent vending enterprises across the United States. The Dixie Narco 501e vending machine has a comprehensive range of 9 vending possibilities, making it highly versatile in accommodating a wide variety of drink sizes commonly available in the market. Examples of beverage containers commonly found in the market include 12-ounce and 16-ounce cans, such as those used for Monster Energy drinks, as well as 16.9-ounce, 20-ounce, and 24-ounce bottles. The Dixie Narco 501e vending machine is often regarded as a highly adaptable option within the vending business. A&M incorporates a novel waterfall sign face onto each renovated Dixie Narco 501e vending machine it sells. The 501e has been authorized for outdoor applications and possesses a high degree of resistance to vandalism. When acquiring a vending machine from A&M, customers are assured of obtaining a product of high quality. We engage in the remanufacturing of equipment for prominent players in the vending business, including Pepsi, Gatorade, Nestle Waters, and Nestle Quick.


  • 9 Can or Bottle Selections.
  • Total Capacity: 471 (12oz Cans) or 278 (Bottles approx.).
  • Vends: 12oz, 16oz (like Monster Energy) Cans & 16.9oz, 20oz, 24oz Bottles.
  • Dimensions: 37″W x 33″D x 72″H.
  • Weight: 897lbs.
  • Rebuilt MDB Coin Acceptor.
  • Rebuilt MDB Dollar Bill Acceptor.
  • Lock Set.
  • Selection Labels.
  • Preconfigured & Programmed For You.
  • New Lexan Waterfall Sign Face.
  • Approved For Outdoor Use.
  • Multi Pricing Capability.
  • Recommended Optional Upgrade: Credit Card Reader Installed: Cantaloupe ePort or Nayax VPOS Touch
  • Recommended Optional Upgrade: New Conlux Upgrade Package. Includes New Coin Changer and New Bill Acceptor With 1 Year Manufacture Parts Warranty
  • Recommended Optimal Upgrade: New Refrigeration Deck With 1 Year Manufacture Parts Warranty.
  • Warranty: 90-Day Parts. Does Not Include Shipping.


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