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Ordering Information

Orders can be placed via mail, phone, fax, email, or internet. For mail orders, please send them to the following address: Vending Machine Store Sales & Service,20132 Heron Crossing Dr, Tampa, FL 33647, United States. Orders via telephone will be accepted from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday. Orders can be submitted via email at any time, including weekends and holidays. The e-mail address we can be reached at is sales@vendingmachinestore.com. Kindly ensure that our SKU number, quantity, and description are included on your order form. Please provide the following details: your firm name, your full name, address, zip code, and phone number (with the area code). Utilize your Purchase Order Number, if preferred. We will provide you with information regarding the packaging, handling, and shipping fees for each individual order. Orders can be placed on our website at any time, as we offer shipping quotations through our Instant real-time shipping and handling freight quote services.

Prices and Minimum Orders

The prices and availability of the items displayed here may be altered without prior notification. Customers should realize that all items will be invoiced at the price that is in place at the time of the order, with their knowledge. There are no restrictions on the minimum quantity that can be ordered. Vending Machine Store Sales & Service, Inc (Seller) disclaims any responsibility for errors, omissions, or inaccurate information on this site, despite making every attempt to prevent such occurrences. Prices exclude freight, unless explicitly indicated that particular equipment includes shipping and handling charges. The aforementioned information can be located in various sections within each listing.

The use of Site

The Site is exclusively designed for individuals who have the legal capacity to engage into and consent to transactions in accordance with the relevant legislation. This website is inaccessible to anyone who are under the age of majority. Registration and usage of the Site are strictly forbidden for users who fail to meet these criteria.

Guaranteed Lowest Price +

We guarantee that our prices will not be lower than any other competitor. If you come across identical vending equipment at a lower price, inclusive of shipping fees, kindly reach out to us. We will make every effort to match and surpass the price, ensuring that it is advantageous for you. Please provide us with the website link where you discovered the cheaper pricing, together with evidence of the item’s cost and any associated shipping fees. Please provide us with a formal offer from a competitor that includes the shipping fees. We retain the prerogative to avoid incurring financial losses in any transaction.Do not delay for an entire year in order to receive a minor discount during a holiday period, since we are currently providing significant savings. Every day, Vending Machine Store Sales & Service, Inc. incurs expenses for both equipment and shipment.
The machines will be shipped in accordance with the specified shipping lead-time provided in the “Shipping” section of each product description.

Sales Tax

Kansas State, Local Sales and Use Tax will be charged on all in state purchases as applicable by law. Customers are responsible for all out of state Sales and Use taxes due on any purchases made from Vending Machine Store.

Payment Terms

Online purchases can be done using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card, money order, cashier check, personal check, company checks, or e-checks. Prior to any equipment shipment, both personal checks and company checks need to be successfully processed by our bank. Please allocate an extra 10 days for the processing of checks. Payment is required exclusively in U.S. dollars. Lease purchases are available for individuals with a credit approval. Please refer to the Credit Application form. Seller has the authority to demand that Buyer pays for things requested before they are shipped or delivered, either in full or partially, using cash, at any given moment, according to Seller’s own judgment.

Wire Transfer Information

Kindly send us an email with the following details: your company name, the name of the sender, the date of the wire transfer, the exact amount transferred, and the invoice number associated with the order being paid. The email address for our vending machine store is sales@vendingmachinestore.com. Please direct the correspondence to the Accounts Receivable department. For detailed wire transfer details, kindly get in touch with us.

All Sales are Final

Our sales policy strictly prohibits any returns or exchanges of products. If a product experiences technical difficulties, the manufacturers will be provided with an opportunity to rectify the situation. If a problem cannot be resolved, we will collaborate with the manufacturer to explore options for repairing or replacing the product. The buyer will be required to accept a new unit and cannot request a refund.
Prior to returning any product to the manufacturer, the customer must acquire a return authorization number and adhere to the exact method outlined by the manufacturer. Vending Machine Store is pleased to offer assistance about this matter.

Return/ Exchange Policy

In order to initiate an exchange or refund, it is necessary for all items to be in their original condition, which encompasses the box, packing, and all accompanying accessories. Additionally, they must be devoid of any written content. Prior authorization is required for all returns and exchanges. Prior to returning any goods, it is necessary to acquire a Return Authorization (RA). Any things that are not approved will not be accepted and will be returned to you at your own cost.

Returns are not accepted for any items that have been previously used, custom created, or built to order. Returning food items, such as bulk candy or gumballs, is not permitted. Upon receiving your returned item, we will conduct an inspection to verify its suitability for resale. If the item can be resold, the following will happen. Returned non-defective stock products are eligible for an exchange or refund, but a 35% restocking fee will be applied if the product is returned in an opened state or in a box that is not sealed by the factory. Stock products that are returned in a new and unopened condition will be charged a 30% restocking fee, excluding shipping costs. We can only reimburse the credit card account that was utilized for the initial purchase. However, any shipping and handling fees incurred for the machine’s first shipment will not be subject to refund.
Returns or exchanges will not be authorized after 30 days from the date of receipt.

Cancellations of Orders

If you desire to cancel an order that has been placed but not yet shipped, you will receive a full refund for the total value of your transaction. If the order has already been dispatched, kindly consult our Return/Exchange Policy.


The Vending Machine Store, which acts solely as a dealer-distributor and not a manufacturer, does not provide any warranty and explicitly denies any warranty, whether expressed or implied, statutory, by operation of law or otherwise, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for any specific purpose. The only warranty applicable to any item purchased from the Seller is the express warranty, if any, provided by the Manufacturer of the product. The buyer acknowledges and accepts that they have no legal recourse against the seller, including but not limited to claims for incidental, consequential, or special damages, or any other form of loss, action, claim, or damage, whether related to personal injury, property damage, or any other consequential, economic, or incidental loss arising from or connected to any purchased item from the seller. The Seller’s liability to the Buyer is restricted and will not surpass the price of the item that the liability is associated with. All things sold by Seller to Buyer are sold “AS IS” and Seller’s only responsibility to Buyer is to make reasonable efforts to have the manufacturer of any defective item repair or replace it. Online Vending will provide customer support and address any equipment issues.


The Seller provides advise to the Buyer as a courtesy, but it is not guaranteed. This advice may include information about the number of items needed for a specific job or the suitability of a product for a particular usage. The Seller shall not be held liable for any damages, regardless of whether they arise from a contract, guarantee, negligence, or any other legal basis.

Freight Policy


Not a “One Price Fits All” Shipping Policy Approach

Our organization does not have a policy of charging a fixed charge for shipping and handling solutions. We believe that it is essential to ensure equitable pricing for every consumer and for each item sold on our website when calculating shipping costs. If you order many units of the same equipment, we can potentially modify the shipping method to lower the shipping cost. (For instance, if you purchase a single machine weighing under 100 lbs., we will utilize the UPS or FedEx small package program for shipping. However, if you acquire 10 of the same goods, we can consolidate them onto a pallet and ship the order to you using LTL (Less Than Truck Load Common Carrier), resulting in cost savings for you.) We will consistently inform our consumers about such determinations and ensure your contentment with the strategy we have selected to provide, which will be the most logical and economically efficient. You will always have ultimate authority over the shipping method for your order.

Who Are Our Shipping Carriers?

Vending Machine Store employs FedEx and UPS as our carriers for small package solutions, while we rely on FedEx Freight for LTL (Less Than Truck Load Common Carrier) transportation of equipment weighing over 100 lbs. Additionally, we utilize Estes Express, ABF Freight, and other carriers for this purpose. In addition, we employ local transport companies such as Dayton Freight and other similar providers.

The Vending Machine Store delivers orders to both commercial and residential addresses. Commercial addresses refer to business locations located on real estate that is designated for commercial use, as established by the freight carrier. Residential addresses encompass many types of living spaces such as houses, apartments, condos, and other dwellings that the carrier identifies as residential addresses. Shipments made to residential locations may be subject to supplementary charges, as well as the provision of lift gate services upon delivery.

After choosing a product and adding it to the shopping cart, the customer will be able to select their preferred shipping option. FedEx and UPS offer expedited shipping alternatives, including next-day, two-day, and three-day delivery, among others. For certain items, there may be just one option available, since specific fulfillment locations only utilize either FedEx or UPS. The LTL (Less Than Truck Load Common Carrier) shipping options include Curbside Delivery, Inside Delivery, Residential Delivery, Commercial Deliveries, and the ability to add Lift Gate service. We have diligently devoted significant time, effort, and resources to integrate our software platform with the carriers’ system to enhance your convenience. We provide immediate shipping cost estimates that are among the most affordable options available. We offer our customers our reduced rates to provide them with further savings. Every shipment includes insurance for the benefit of all parties involved.
The user’s text is empty.The National Curbside Delivery Program entails the delivery of items to your location, where it is unloaded either into your dock or directly onto the ground via a lift gate. Subsequently, it is incumbent upon the customer to transport the equipment indoors and position it accordingly within their premises. This is a cost-effective solution suitable for individuals who possess the necessary material handling equipment and assistance to manipulate and position the equipment according to their preference. Signatures are mandatory for common carrier shipments upon delivery. Please be aware that it is necessary to have appropriate equipment and personnel available in order to unload products that are delivered by a common carrier. This is because the drivers of these carriers are not obligated to assist in unloading your order.

The National Inside Delivery Program entails the delivery of merchandise, which is unloaded from the truck or trailer and transferred to a dock or the ground using a lift gate. The merchandise is then brought through the first threshold inside the designated place, building, or structure. Assuming that the object can fit through the facility’s door, this is applicable.
The Special Request for Inside Turnkey Delivery Program entails the delivery of merchandise, which is then unloaded from the truck or trailer and transferred to a dock or the ground via a lift gate.
Subsequently, the machine is removed from its packaging and crate, the waste is disposed of, and the machine is positioned precisely as per the customer’s preference within the designated site, building, or structure. The customer’s role is just to supervise the project. Additional fees apply for staircases or the removal of any doors necessary to facilitate the passage of equipment. Prior notification is required regarding these circumstances.

Now you have the ability to shop, complete a purchase, receive real-time shipping quotes, and make payments without the need for any phone calls.

You can get of competitive costs for your machine purchases along with the most reliable shipping carriers in the industry at the most affordable rates. These tools are quite beneficial for our esteemed visitors and customers.
Vending Machine Store Sales & Service, Inc. ensures that for custom orders, where the equipment may require six to eight weeks for preparation, we will obtain the most accurate and current shipping and handling rate quote just before shipping. This guarantees the most equitable shipping rates for both the seller and the buyer. You will be informed in the event of any significant alterations.

It is important to note that our invoice is designed to automatically compute the combination of UPS, FedEx, and common carrier shipments for your shopping basket purchases during the checkout process. If you have a distinct shipping requirement, kindly contact us and we will assist you in ensuring that your shipment and handling process is efficient, flawless, and devoid of any difficulties.

Other Shipping Carriers

Vending Machine Store has the authority to utilize various national and worldwide carriers for handling exceptional and uncommon shipping circumstances. Nevertheless, in every case, this action will be taken with the complete awareness and agreement of our clients as the most optimal approach to address a specific circumstance.

International Shipping

The shipping and handling quotes shown on our website and in our shopping cart are exclusively applicable to the continental United States.

International shipping and handling will be handled on a case-by-case basis to ensure optimal arrangements are made for delivering your purchases and items to any location worldwide. We will utilize top-tier carriers in the industry that serve your destination. Customers are responsible for any Tariffs and Taxes that may be incurred for the delivery location of Canadian and foreign goods. Ensure that you has prior knowledge of the specific obligations in question.

Time Frame for Getting Orders Shipped Out and Shipment Tracking

Typically, the majority of the equipment and products available on our website will be dispatched from the warehouse within a span of 2 to 8 business days, depending on the specific item purchased and the chosen mode of payment. Subsequently, it is dispatched using the chosen and mutually agreed upon shipping method by the buyer and seller. The estimated shipment lead time may be found in the shipping section of each item listing. To determine the total delivery time, you need to include the time required for actual delivery based on the selected shipping method. The estimated shipment lead time may change unexpectedly due to the policies imposed by our carriers. Upon shipment of the item, we will send you an email including the tracking number. This email will be sent to the email address you provided during the order placement. The tracking number will enable you to monitor the progress of your goods as it undergoes the shipping process. Kindly be aware that in the event of several orders of diverse equipment, they will be dispatched from different warehouses around the nation. Consequently, you will receive multiple emails and tracking number confirmations for each shipping item.

Notification of Shipment

Customers have the option to request notification from LTL carriers regarding the delivery schedule, however this service typically incurs an extra fee. Customers should have the ability to monitor the progress of their cargo using the provided tracking number and obtain a reliable estimate of the delivery date. Additionally, customers have the choice to reach out to the carrier’s local dispatch office to confirm a more precise delivery time without incurring any charges for this information.

Packaging of Merchandise

The manufacturers package all merchandise in accordance with shipping and handling regulations established by national and international carriers. It is not advantageous for anyone to have freight that is damaged due to poorly packed items. Hence, we have full assurance that all goods will be dispatched and managed with utmost proficiency by the makers and the shipping firms.

Damaged Shipments and Procedures for Filing Claims

Prior to signing for the product, it is advisable for our customer to perform the following actions, if feasible, in order to ensure their own safety:
1. Unpack the goods while the transportation firm is still present at the location and prior to endorsing the bill of lading. Inspect the merchandise for any hidden damage. Upon confirming the absence of any damage, proceed to endorse the bill of lading, so marking the completion of their involvement in the shipping procedure.
2. If the item was transported and received by a third party who did not see any visible damage to the package but did not unpack the machine to conduct a thorough inspection and signed for it, and later discovered hidden damage to the merchandise, please proceed to step #4. This is just if you feel the harm is not repairable. Kindly be aware that you are allotted an only 3-day window to report any evident damage, and a 15-day period from the date of receiving the shipment to file a claim for concealed damage. If you observe evident and conspicuous damage to the item prior to unpacking, and the damage is severe and unacceptable to you, please refuse to receive the shipment. Ensure that the driver records the extent of the damage on the bill of lading and notes that the customer declined to accept the shipment. Once the aforementioned task is completed, you may be required to affix your signature below the aforementioned annotation, indicating your refusal to accept the shipment owing to its damaged condition.
3. If you, as the client, get damaged merchandise, it will be your duty to initiate a claim. If you contact us, we will willingly make every effort to assist you in expediting and resolving the matter promptly.

The title and risk of loss are transferred to the customer upon delivery to the common carrier. In the event that the product sustains damage during transportation, the recipient is required to initiate a claim with the carrier. Our orders undergo meticulous packaging and are filled with products in excellent shape. Regrettably, there are instances when goods sustain damage during transportation and arrive in an unsatisfactory state. The Carrier bears the responsibility for ensuring the secure delivery of the goods. The Buyer must promptly notify the Carrier of any claims for breakage or damage, regardless of whether they are apparent or hidden. Such claims must be made upon receipt of the merchandise or within 3 days for visible damage, and within 15 days for concealed damage, after the shipment has been received.

Express Service

If you desire the fastest possible delivery of your purchase, simply choose “Express Service”. We will endeavor to choose the most expeditious method to deliver your order. Kindly note that shipping via this method can be extremely expensive.
We anticipate that you will join our esteemed clientele and eagerly anticipate collaborating with you, just as we have done with several exceptional consumers since 1976.

We appreciate your visit to our website and trust that you will have a pleasant buying experience with us.