Tron Legacy Pinball Machine


Professionally Restored – Includes 1-Year Warranty!


Tron Legacy Pro Pinball Machine by Stern for sale

Tron Legacy Pinball Machine for sale: Legacy Pinball features an incredible 3D backglass that brings the film’s characters and story to life.

Key features include:

  • Exciting sound bites from the film’s main characters
  • Music from the film’s original score
  • Multi-ball rounds themed around scenes from the film
  • 2 ramps for Light Cycle battles on different levels of the Grid
  • Numerous play features exist for characters in the film, including Kevin Flynn, Gem, Zuse, Quorra and Clu

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Kindly be aware that these machines are reconditioned and may exhibit visible indications of previous use, but they are one of the most recent releases from Stern and have been meticulously completed to a superior level of quality. Delivery of these devices typically takes between 28 and 56 days. The usual laws for distance selling and cooling off periods do not apply in this case, as these machines are custom-made and cannot be returned or cancelled. We only provide delivery times for informational purposes, and we won’t be responsible for any delays brought on by unforeseen circumstances.


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