Judge Dredd Pinball Machine


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Judge Dredd Pinball Machine by Bally/Midway


Our expert pinball technicians inspected it from top to bottom. This machine was stripped down to its core, with the entire top side stripped and triple waxed, following which EVERY rubber was replaced, and finally, the highest-end LED lighting was installed to replace all of the old dingy incandescent light bulbs! This machine looks fantastic and performs as well as any brand new machine!

Judge Dredd is a four-player solid state pinball machine released by Bally under the Midway name in 1993. The game is based on the 2000 British comic strip Judge Dredd. This was a widebody game from Williams/Midway’s “SuperPin” range. Kevin O’Connor created the artwork, which was designed by John Trudeau. The voice of Judge Dredd was given by voice actor Tim Kitzrow. There were 6,990 units produced.

It’s the year 2116, and the world has gone nuclear. Perpetrators are on the loose in the city. You must maintain the peace. So pack your lawgiver and board your lawmaster! Show the creeps who’s in charge! You make the call!

Judge Dredd Pinball Machine for sale

Game Features:

Choose between Regulation and Super Game mode. You must solve nine crimes in and around Mega-City One, including Bad Impersonator, Battle Tank, Blackout, Pursuit, Meltdown, Sniper Tower, Stakeout, Safe Cracker, and Manhunt Millions. When you complete these challenges, Judge Death will congratulate you and launch the Ultimate Challenge.

You will visit four criminal scenes in Super Game mode: Mad Bomber, Deadworld Attack, Traffic Jam, and Prison Break. Super Game employs two balls and a drain shield, and if you’re skilled enough, you can score a whopping 100,000,000 points!

Dredd, the Judge A widebody playfield, 4 Flippers, 2 Autoplungers, a 6-ball multiball, and 3 Inline Captive Balls are also included. A revolving planet and its rings are controlled by a magnetic robotic arm. 9 game modes + “Ultimate Challenge” wizard mode, SuperGame Feature (4 more game types)


We take pleasure in our pinball restoration process at our store, which is why all of our reconditioned pinball machines come with the most competitive guarantee in the industry. Both the playability and the appearance of this machine have been expertly restored. To discover more about our pinball repair method, click here.


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