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Stranger Things LE Pinball Machine for sale

Stranger Things LE Pinball Machine for sale. Experience the horrific forces that turn Hawkins, Indiana “upside down” with supernatural elements, weird sightings, and government secrets. Stranger Things pinball machines will immerse gamers in the hunt for answers to the incredible mysteries and covert government experiments going place at Hawkins National Laboratory. The gameplay revolves around deciphering the hidden meanings of mysterious occurrences in and around town, such as the emergence of a girl known as “Eleven” with telekinetic abilities. As Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Joyce, and Police Chief Jim Hopper assist Eleven in closing the dimensional gate, the ball goes wild.

The Stranger Things LE is the Limited Edition, top-of-the-range new pinball from Stern, based on the Netflix hit series.

Playfield Video Projector

On the huge screen in the center of the playfield, interactive animations, cutscenes, and visuals are projected. Drop the center of the screen to make it into a ramp from which you can assault the Demogorgon equipped with a shaker.

Shoot drop targets, a Demodog spinner, pop bumbers, a slingshot, and other items with Eleven’s telekinetic magnetic ball lock. Play through 12 story-based chapters, three wizard modes, five Demogorgon battle modes, and five multiball modes to unlock them all.

Based on the Hit Series

It’s based on the hit Netflix series that became an overnight sensation, with two seasons already released and a third on the way. As such, this is a multi-sensory experience with advanced gameplay and technology that only Stern can provide.

Stranger Things LE is the one to get as a fan collectible. But it’s not just a collector’s item; it’s also a highly advanced, modern pinball that will test any serious pinball player.

Special LE Mirrored Backglass

The LE features a unique mirrored backglass with HD hand-drawn artwork by Bob Stevlic, whose illustrations also adorn the remainder of the cabinet. Purple powder-coated armour and legs, as well as special edition art blades, look fantastic.

The glass in the LE is anti-glare, so you can see the playfield clearly even under lighting. It also features a more powerful sound system than the other models, with a 3-channel amplifier with tone and EQ controls.

Three Versions Available

Choose your favorite variant from the three options. This listing is for the LE, which is the most expensive model. It features cutting-edge technology, art, and hardware and is strictly limited to a production run of 500 units. It includes a plaque that Brian Eddy, the game designer, has also signed, as well as a certificate that Gary Stern has signed.

The Premium edition has many of the same high-end features as the LE, but is significantly less expensive. It’s an excellent compromise. The Pro, on the other hand, is the most affordable – it’s just as much fun to play, but at a lot lower cost. You have a choice! To see the differences between all three, click here to expand the features matrix.


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