The Crossley Rocket CD Jukebox!




The Crosley Rocket Jukebox for sale 

The Crosley Rocket Jukebox for sale exudes a true rock ‘n’ roll sound and style. The hardwood cabinet holds the latest electronics, glass, aluminum, and chrome, which are assembled to a commercial standard, and includes an operating coin mechanism that can be adjusted for free or quarter play. Equipped with an automated CD mechanism capable of holding up to 80 CDs and a Bluetooth receiver that connects to any portable Bluetooth device, you’ll have an unlimited playlist at your fingertips. The jukebox features a selectable title strip display, which allows you to easily choose your favorite song on each CD or enjoy the full CD. The included label magic software enables you to create your own title strips each time you update the machine with your favorite CDs. The Crosley CD Rocket Full-Size Bluetooth Jukebox will become the focal point of any room and an heirloom for generations to come.

Other features include: D4 Digital Amplifier: 4 Channels, 60W RMS Per Channel • 2 x Tweeter, 2 x Mid Range and 1 x 12” Twin Cone Bass Speaker • Option to Connect Additional External Speakers • Remote Control for Home Use • Shuffle Play Facility • 2 Stereo Auxiliary Audio Inputs • 1 Auxiliary Output

Color: Oak
Dimensions: 30.75” W x 55.5” H x 30.75” D
Weight: 264 lbs.


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