Original 1958 AMI I 200 Vinyl Jukebox With Spearmint Trim


An immensely popular vintage automobile-themed jukebox with a rich vinyl-to-valve sound one of our favourites here at the Games Room and beautifully restored by our team of experts.



Original 1958 AMI I 200 Vinyl Jukebox With Spearmint Trim for sale

Original 1958 AMI I 200 Vinyl Jukebox With Spearmint Trim for sale. Pinball Hives Company is one of the oldest jukebox dealers in the country. Our founder, Reginald Waldersmith, first learned about jukeboxes in the early 1950s, when we were servicing jukeboxes on American Air Force bases. We’ve been selling jukeboxes since 1962, so know a thing or two about our products! Our showroom will gladly assist you with any questions you may have before or after you purchase any Games Room Company equipment.
The AMI I 200 is the pride and joy of its manufacturer, the Automatic Musical Instrument Company. The AMI has undergone a complete restoration by engineers from Games Room Company, retaining all of its vintage features, and now offers over 200 music options. A spectacular analogue sound system produces a deeper, richer ‘vinyl to valve’ sound.
The jukebox shows its ’50s roots with an iconic automobile screen and a lit, pierced chrome bumper. Triangular patterned motifs liberally decorate the cabinet, which is finished with sparkling, finely illuminated ‘jewels’ for a bit of fifties chic.

Buy Original 1958 AMI I 200 Vinyl Jukebox With Spearmint Trim Online

The AMI is a relic from the Golden Age of Jukeboxes, a very collectible and absolutely timeless object available in spearmint green, pink, and black finishes.
Many of these devices are rare, but even rarer are the examples that have been professionally restored or can truly be claimed to be in full operating order. It goes without saying that unrestored machines frequently have lower prices when listed for sale online or at auction than the machines sold by Pinball Hives Company, and the thing we want to emphasize above all else is that there is a reason for this.
Pinball Hives Company’s reputation in this industry is unrivaled, and because it has been earned over the years, it is something we never take for granted. Every machine that is delivered to a customer, whether corporate or private, is a potential advertisement for the company, and if we had not done our job effectively, we would not have the high number of loyal, returning customers that we do.

We’re rightfully proud of our one-year parts and labor warranty, which includes on-site visits so that if your machine does need service, you won’t have to face the agony of separation.
We’ve always understood that when it comes to specialized products like these, after-sales service is just as vital as the initial sale. It takes time to create a reputation, and our dedication has earned us not just the devotion of our clients but also the trust of the last remaining American jukebox manufacturer, Rockola, who appointed us as their exclusive British dealer in 2014.
We can help you find and create the ideal playlist because music is such a significant part of our company, as our priceless vinyl library demonstrates. We also manufacture all of the title cards in the original typewriter font, so if you’re stuck for ideas, we’re here to help!

It is a lengthy procedure to deliver records as we buy them in from dealers or collectors; they will only guarantee the “A” side; therefore, many records do not pass with us because we always give records with playable “B” sides in addition to the “A.”
The centers are then sliced (large hole centers), resulting in some breaking when some of the records split owing to aging. Finally, they are hand washed and tested for sound quality on both the “A” and “B” sides on a phonograph before being placed in the jukebox. The final check repeats the “A” and “B” sides as they would be heard on a jukebox.
It’s all about providing high-quality sound to our clients, and if you’re investing in a vinyl jukebox, the quality of the records must reflect the high standard of our restorations.


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