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Rick and Morty Pinball Machine For Sale

Rick and Morty Pinball Machine for sale: Blood Sucker Edition by Spooky Pinball comes the closest to having a pinball machine recreate the excitement and entertainment of watching an episode of Rick & Morty. The game is just brimming with beautiful custom drawings. The playfield is littered with visual reminders to all four seasons. The audio-visual experience and artwork immerse the player in the show’s weird and twisted world.
tepping through a portal into the pinball dimension!

Spooky Pinball’s Rick and Morty Pinball Machine is by far the finest game. The layout of the game is amazing, unique and refreshing, with a hint of difficulty. The feel is both unique and familiar. Perfect feature placement and an unusual bottom that appears to perform nicely. The shots are all smooth yet sufficiently difficult. The animation sequences are thrilling and well-choreographed to correspond with what is going on behind the glass.


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Players can enjoy two ramps, an anti-gravity device, a portal rifle (and portal), and much more. The game also incorporates the voices of Rick and Morty as you go on classic excursions. The game includes video snippets and melodies that will completely immerse the player.

The custom cabinet art is outstanding, and Spooky has even enhanced their backbox lighting so that players can properly appreciate the art. This interactive pin will undoubtedly become a desirable collector’s item for Rick and Morty enthusiasts.

With only 750 games produced, this may be a difficult pin to locate. Congratulations if you were among the few who purchased the game! Spooky went all out with this machine, and it shows.


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