AMS Outside Car Wash Vending Machine



AMS Outside Car Wash vending machine for sale

The AMS Outside Car Wash vending machine for sale is available in an aesthetically pleasing red or black hue, designed to capture the attention of individuals and encourage their financial engagement. The Outside Car Wash Vending Machine is ideally suited for placement in an outdoor setting. For instance, if an individual possesses a car wash establishment, they can conveniently incorporate one of these devices on-site, enabling customers to procure their car wash provisions while engaging in the process of detailing their vehicles. Regardless of their location, AMS car wash vending machines consistently outperform conventional vending machines, making a lasting impression wherever they are situated. The AMS Car Wash Vending Machine offers additional security features, including a Lexan front and anti-theft side panels. In a secure atmosphere, a wide range of car wash materials exceeding 40 selections can be conveniently procured. The utilization of a vending machine equipped with a transparent glass frontage enables customers to visually perceive the things they intend to acquire.


  • The AMS Outside Car Wash Vending Machine can vend car wash supplies customized by the staff at A&M
  • The AMS outside machine is high-security and almost vandal-proof.
  • The AMS Outside Car Wash Vending Machine is very user-friendly and simple.
  • AMS backs its machines up by having the best parts warranty in the industry.  3 years on parts with the exception of fluorescent bulbs, glass, and paint finish.  Shipping is not included
  • A layer of robust clear Lexan protects the machine’s triple-pane heated glass.
  • It features heavy-gauge steel vandal panels for greater protection.
  • The Outsider Car Wash Vending
  • machine comes with a new high-security lock cover.
  • includes a new changer and validator. with a two-year parts manufacturer’s warranty
  • Optional new Credit Card reader with one-year manufacturers warranty and free installation
  • This machine is designed to service car washes.
  • AMS machines come with a Sensit Guaranteed Delivery System.
  • There is an energy-saving feature called “Energy Sensit” built into every AMS machine.  This saves electricity.
  • The 1/2-hp refrigeration system comes with a 3-year parts warranty.
  • Dimensions: 72″H x 39″W x 35″D.
  • The shipping weight is approximate: 820 lbs.
  • Available in bright red or our standard color black.
  • capacity of 617 units.
  • The machine is ETL and NAMA-certified (electronic testing laboratories) and made in the USA.


3 year warranty for board and refrigeration, 1 year warranty all other parts, warranty exceptions: glass and paint finish


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