AMS High Security Outside Drink Machine


Condition: New

Weight: 820.00 LBS

Width: 39.00 (in)

Height: 72.00 (in)

Depth: 35.00 (in)


AMS High Security Outside Drink Machine For Sale

The AMS High Security Outside Drink Machine for sale serves as a means of self-expression for its proprietor, regardless of its location. This newly designed, robust equipment has the capability to dispense items in locations that are susceptible to acts of vandalism. This particular vending machine possesses exceptional versatility, enabling it to function optimally in many environments. Consequently, in the event that an individual were to awaken in a desert or find themselves outdoors on a football field, provided that power is available, this vending machine would be capable of dispensing beverages. The vending machine offers a variety of 40 beverage options, ranging from 12oz. cans to 24oz. bottles. The AMS Outsider Soda Machine is equipped with robust vandal panels made of heavy-gauge steel, ensuring enhanced durability and resistance to tampering. Additionally, it is equipped with a high-security lock cover, further enhancing its protective qualities. A layer of robust, clear Lexan further protects the machine’s triple-pane heated glass. Additionally, it is outfitted with the Sensit Guaranteed Delivery System.


  • Up to 40 selections (12oz. cans up to 24oz bottles)
  • Available in snack, all-drink, and snack-drink combos
  • Sensit® patented guaranteed delivery system
  • Features heavy-gauge steel vandal panels for greater protection
  • It comes with a new high-security lock cover
  • State-of-the-art electronics
  • LED Lighting Standard
  • Triple-pane heated glass protected by a layer of durable clear Lexan
  • EnergySensit® cost-saver
  • Most parts are interchangeable with most other AMS vendors
  • Motor Coupling and Home position
  • Sliding dashboard for easy access to monetary devices, maintenance, and programming
  • ETL and NAMA-certified (electronic testing laboratories)
  • Credit card-capable
  • DEX and MDB are compatible
  • Made in the USA


Selections: 40 Selections
Payment Systems: All industry-standard MDB-compatible devices
Data Communication: DEX/UCS
Dimensions: 72″H x 39″W x 35″D
Refrigeration: 1/2+ HP Refrigeration Uni.t
Shipping Weight: 820 lbs.
Power: Domestic: 115 VAC/60Hz, International:  230 VAC/50Hz


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