Refurbished AMS 39 Snack-Food Machine



Refurbished AMS 39 Snack and Food Vending Machine for Sale

The refurbished AMS 39 snack and food vending machine for sale is capable of dispensing both sandwiches and snacks from a single unit. The refurbished AMS 39 Snack Food Machine offers a diverse selection of food options, catering to various preferences and cravings, ranging from sandwiches to a variety of snacks. The refurbished AMS 39 Snack-Food Vending Machine is capable of vending both snacks and sandwiches within a single unit. One advantageous feature of the 2-in-one refurbished AMS Snack Food vending machine is its adaptability to both small and medium-sized sites. In smaller to medium-sized settings, the refurbished AMS 39 snack-food machine can be employed as a cost-effective alternative to acquiring two separate machines. The AMS 39 Snack-Food Machine offers users the ability to select their preferred snack or sandwich option without any concerns over sales. The refurbished AMS 39 snack and food machine is an ideal choice for a compact break room setting. All vending machines provided by AMS are equipped with the Sensit-assured delivery system. The customer consistently receives the products they have acquired. No refunds will be provided. Vending machines are not permitted to leave our premises until they have undergone a comprehensive refurbishment process, ensuring their appearance and functionality are restored to a pristine, like-new condition. Based on our extensive experience in the industry, we possess a comprehensive understanding of the requirements necessary for the seamless operation of the machine. In addition to providing the machine for purchase, we also offer post-sale support and assistance.


  • The refurbished AMS 39 Snack-Food Machine saves you money by buying one machine instead of two separate machines.
  • You can vend as many different varieties of snacks and sandwiches as you like—up to 40 selections.
  • Easily adjustable between snacks and sandwiches.
  • Interchangeable parts. It has the same cabinet, board sensors, and motors as other indoor AMS vendors.
  • AMS machines come with Sensit Guaranteed Delivery System
  • The machine comes with a remanufactured changer and bill validator.
  • An optional new changer and bill validator can be installed and comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Optional: A new Credit Card reader can be installed with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • We can customize any AMS vending machine to vend any product you wish.
  • Options: Trim and LED Lighting
  • Compliant with health and safety software regulations.
  • Every machine goes through our rigorous refurbishing guidelines
  • 90-day parts warranty.  Shipping is not included.
  • We are the factory-authorized distributor for this machine.


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