Refurbished AMS 39 Combo Vending Machine



Refurbished AMS 39 Combo Vending Machine for Sale

The AMS 39 Combo Vending Machine can sell both drinks and snacks. The AMS 39 Combo Vending Machine can vend a wide range of food and drinks, including cans and bottles up to 24oz. You may now sell Red Bull, Monster, fruit juices, milk, Starbucks coffees, and pretty much anything else you can think of. The machine includes a health timer, allowing you to sell perishables such as sandwiches. The used AMS 39 snack and beverage vending machine is ideal for a modest break area. Sensit guarantees delivery on all AMS vending machines. The customer is always satisfied with the product they acquire. “NO Refunds” This machine is particularly energy efficient and has a “energy sensit” feature that can turn off the power when there is an extended period of inactivity. We never let a vending machine go until it is completely finished and looks and performs like new. We know what the machine requires to function properly after many years in the company. We not only sell you the gadget, but we also take care of you afterward.


  • AMS 39 Combo Vending Machine Vends 36 different selections
  • 10 chip-pastry,  10 cracker-candy, and 16 different can bottle selections
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Rebuilt MDB Coin Changer and Dollar Bill Acceptor
  • Dimensions Height 72″,  Width 39″,  Depth 35″
  • Shipping weight: 833 lbs
  • Guaranteed delivery of your product or your money back!
  • An energy-saving device was built into this machine.
  • 1/2+ HP Refrigeration Unit
  • Heated triple-pane glass.
  • First-in, first-out product rotation
  • An optional new Credit Card Reader with one-year manufacturer warranty can be purchased
  • We are the factory distributor for this machine
  • Recommended Optional Upgrade: Credit Card Reader Installed: Cantaloupe ePort or Nayax VPOS Touch
  • Recommended Optional Upgrade: New Conlux Upgrade Package Includes a new coin Changer and New Bill Acceptor With 1 Year Warranty


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