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The Giant Electronic Gumball Machine for sale is the sister machine to the original Big Mama Gumball Machine and stands over 79 inches tall! With a capacity of 40,000 1 inch (25 mm) Gumballs (more than 47 cases of 850 count), Jawbreakers, Sweet Revenge Candy, Super Bouncy Balls, Round Capsules, or any item that can fit within a 3-inch capsule. That’s correct, this giant machine can dispense up to a 3-inch round capsule. The colored body is not composed of cheap plastic, but of fiberglass.

You may vend things for up to $99 with the Nayax Touch Credit Card reader, which fundamentally changes vending as you know it. When you combine the capacity to have a vend value of up to $99 and endless product possibilities that can fit inside a 3-inch spherical capsule, this massive gumball machine may truly be transformed into a freestanding store. This isn’t your typical gumball machine!

Custom logos or artwork:

The Giant Electronic Gumball Machine can be personalized with your company’s logo, school’s emblem, or any creative artwork or color. With a 42-inch base and plenty of space, you’ll have roughly 14 inches H and 25 inches W to work with on the machine’s lower base. You don’t see a hue that matches yours. Make a big statement at your next trade fair or event! Contact us right away, and we’ll work with you to create our Big Mama Gumball Machines to your exact specifications. We may also personalize the massive gumball machines to dispense bespoke goods based on your specifications. We customized vending machines to sell ping pong, golf balls, cupcakes, tennis balls, lacrosse balls, 2-inch toy capsules, unique tokens, and much more!

What is the Inner Globe?

The inner globe provides a fake space inside the machine, giving the impression of a fully stocked gumball machine without the need to fill a 42-inch globe with gumballs. This keeps your gumballs fresh while preserving the desired appearance!

Machine Details

  • Set custom vend amounts (example: 2-for-1 dollar gumballs with dollar bills and credit card and 50 cents per gumball with quarters)
  • Set vend amount up to $99 with Nayax Touch Credit Card Reader
  • Accept mobile payments solutions such as Apple Pay and Google Pay with Nayax Touch Card Reader
  • MEI Mars Dollar Bill Acceptor with 700 bill stacker
  • Accept 1’s, 5’s (no change given) – Optional 10’s and 20’s
  • Extra-large coin box so your quarter capacity meets the needs of your gumball capacity
  • Available in red, white, or any custom color
  • Limitless product possibilities with up to 3-inch round capsule
  • Globe(s): Lexan
  • Warranty on coin mechanism**
  • Made in USA

Machine Specifications

  • Requires standard electrical outlet (USA)
  • Product Capacity:
    • over 40,000 1″ Gumballs, Jawbreakers, Round Capsules or Super Bouncy
    • or 30mm products
    • or 49mm products
  • Holds approximately $1500 in quarters
  • Height: 79 inches (200.66 cm)
  • Base: 42 inch diameter (106.68 cm)
  • Outer Globe: 35 inch diameter (88.9 cm)
  • Empty Weight: 130 lbs. (58.96 cm)
  • Shipping Weight: lbs. ( kg)


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