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Book Vending Machine for sale

The book vending machine for sale is equipped with four movable shelves capable of vending books in both paper and hardback formats, accommodating various heights and sizes. All vending machines provided by AMS adhere to the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and also comply with energy-star regulations.


• 4 adjustable shelves
• 14 total selections
• Up to 215 book capacity
• Includes free vend, coin or token acceptance
• Currency + credit card acceptance available (Refer to options)
• Vinyl wrapped with attention grabbing graphics
• ADA & Energy Star Complaint
• LED Lights
• One year parts warranty on complete machine
• Three year parts warranty on control board and digital display
• Large over sized delivery bin for large book sizes
  • Free Phone Tech Support


39″W x 35″D x 72″H
Weight approx 700 lbs

Revolutionize your school’s reading culture with our innovative Book Vending Machine. This machine is designed not just to dispense books, but to promote positive behavior and create a unique student experience. Key features include:

  • Quality craftsmanship made in the USA.
  • Ability to accommodate various book sizes, including larger volumes.
  • Versatility to accept tokens, cash, or credit cards.

Fostering a Passion for Reading

Our Book Vending Machine is more than a mere dispenser. It’s a platform to nurture a lifelong love for reading, aiming to:

  • Cultivate a community of passionate readers.
  • Provide students with immediate access to a wide range of books.
  • Instill a deeper appreciation for literature.

Recognize and reward exemplary student behavior with our vending machine. By setting specific criteria, you can leverage the machine to encourage excellence. This could be based on:

  • Achieving optimal grades.
  • Maintaining regular attendance.
  • Performing acts of kindness.


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