Arcade Legends 3 With Golden Tee!


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Arcade Legends 3 with Golden Tee for sale

Arcade Legends 3 with Golden Tee for sale is a full-sized video game cabinet built with authentic hardware and materials used on commercial arcade cabinets. This also features a 26″ LCD monitor.
Coin-door has been permanently deactivated, Arcade Legends 3 is for home use only. Commercial use is prohibited.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Comes with 130 Legendary arcade games, authentic in every detail. Games are subject to change. Potential Games Include:

10-Yard-Fight™(1983, Irem/Taito)
Alpine Ski™(1982, Taito)
Anteater™(1982, Stern)
Arkanoid®(1986, Taito)
Arkanoid 2®(1988, Taito)
Armored Car™(1981, Stern)
Asteroids®(1979, Atari)
Asteroids Deluxe®(1980, Atari)
Battle Chopper™(1987, Irem)
Battle Road™(1984, Irem)
Battlezone®(1980, Atari/Rebellion)
Berzerk™(1980, Stern)
Black Widow™(1982, Atari)
Bubble Bobble®(1986, Taito)
Calipso™(1982, Stern)
Cameltry™(1989, Taito)
Centipede®(1980, Atari)
Chack ’n Pop ™(1983, Taito)
Cheyenne™(1984, Exidy/Kauffman)
Clay Pigeon™(1986, Exidy/Kauffman
Combat™(1985, Exidy/Kauffman )
Crack Shot™(1987, Exidy/Kauffman )
Crime City™(1989, Taito)
Crossbow™(1983, Exidy/Kauffman)
Crystal Castles®(1983, Atari)
Defender® (1981, Williams)
Dragon Breed™(1989, Irem)
Elevator Action®(1983, Taito)
Fax™(1983, Exidy/Kauffman)
Final Blow™(1988, Taito)
Food Fight™(1983, Atari)
Frenzy™(1982, Stern)
Gallop Armed Police Unit™(1991, Irem)
Golden Tee Fore!
Golden Tee Golf®(1990, Incredible Technologies)
Golden Tee Golf 2®(1992, Incredible Technologies)
Gorf (1981, Midway)
Gravitar®(1982, Atari)
Great Swordsman®(1984, Taito)
Hammerin’ Harry™(1990, Irem)
Hard Hat™(1982, Exidy/Kauffman)
Hit ‘n Miss™(1982, Exidy/Kauffman)
Joust (1982, Williams/Midway)
Jungle Hunt™(1982, Taito)
Kengo (1989, Irem)
Klax (1990, Atari)
Kung Fu Master™(1984, Irem)
Liberator™(1982, Atari)
Liquid Kids™(1990, Taito)
Lost Tomb™(1983, Stern)
Lunar Lander®(1979, Atari)
Lunar Rescue™(1979, Taito)
Major Title™(1990, Irem)
Millipede®(1982, Atari)
Minefield™(1983, Stern)
Missle Command®(1980, Atari)
Moon Patrol™(1982, Irem)
Moon War™(1981, Stern)
Mouse Trap™(1981, Exidy/Kauffman)
Nastar Warrior (1988, Taito)
Ninja Kids™(1990, Taito)
Ninja Spirit™(1988, Irem)
Pepper II™(1982, Exidy/Kauffman )
Pirate Pete(1982, Taito)
Plotting™(1989, Taito)
Plump Pop™(1987, Taito)
Puzzle Bobble®(1994, Taito)
Qix®(1981, Taito)
Rainbow Islands™(1987, Taito)
Rainbow Islands Extra™(1988, Taito)
Rampage (1986, Bally Williams)
Rastan®(1987, Taito)
Red Baron™(1980, Atari)
Rescue™(1982, Stern)
Return Of The Invaders (1985, Taito)
Robotron: 2084 (1982, Williams)
Root Beer Tapper (1984, Bally Midway)
Satan’s Hollow (1982, Bally Midway)
Showdown™(1988, Exidy/Kauffman)
Side Trak™(1979, Exidy/Kauffman)
Space Duel™(1982, Atari)
Space Invaders®(1978, Taito)
Space Invaders DX®(1993, Taito)
Spectar™(1980, Exidy/Kauffman)
Speed Coin™(1984, Stern)
Spy Hunter (1983, Bally Midway)
Spy Hunter II (1987, Bally Midway)
Super Breakout®(1978,Atari)
Super Qix®(1987, Taito)
Targ™(1980, Exidy/Kauffman)
Tazz Mania™(1982, Stern)
Tempest™(1980, Atari)
The Legends of Heros(1989, Irem)
The New Zealand Story™(1988, Taito)
Tomba!(1997, Whoopee Camp)
Toobin’ (1988, Atari Games)
Tropical Angel (1983, Irem)
Venture™(1981, Exidy/Kauffman)
Warlords®(1980, Atari)
Water Ski™(1983, Taito)
Who Dunit™(1988, Exidy/Kauffman)
Wizard Of Wor (1981, Bally Midway)
World Class Bowling™(1997, Incredible Technologies)
X-Multiply™(1989, Irem)
Zippy Race™(1983, Irem)
Zoo Keeper™(1982, Taito)

Golden Tee Courses Included:

Golden Tee Fore! – Balmoral Greens®(200-2005, Incredible Technologies)
Golden Tee Fore! – Bay Side®
Golden Tee Fore! – Blue Horizon®
Golden Tee Fore! – Blue Horizon Amatuer®
Golden Tee Fore! – Bluestone®
Golden Tee Fore! – Bluestone Amatuer®
Golden Tee Fore! – Buckhorn®
Golden Tee Fore! – Castleshire®
Golden Tee Fore! – Cedar Meadows®
Golden Tee Fore! – Crawdad Swamp®
Golden Tee Fore! – Crimson Rock®
Golden Tee Fore! – Eagle’s Peak®
Golden Tee Fore! – Eagle’s Peak Amatuer®
Golden Tee Fore! – Heartland Creek®
Golden Tee Fore! – Kings Canyon®
Golden Tee Fore! – Kings Canyon Amatuer®
Golden Tee Fore! – Kiwi Springs®
Golden Tee Fore! – Maple Acres®
Golden Tee Fore! – Mystic Hills®
Golden Tee Fore! – Oak Hollows®
Golden Tee Fore! – Painted George®
Golden Tee Fore! – Pine Meadow®
Golden Tee Fore! – Rattlesnake Ridge®
Golden Tee Fore! – Ridgewood®
Golden Tee Fore! – Sapphire Springs®
Golden Tee Fore! – Shadow Swamp®
Golden Tee Fore! – Suerte del Sol®
Golden Tee Fore! – Sword Point®
Golden Tee Fore! – Tropical Falls®


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