AMS CM36 Ultimate Cigarette Vending Machine



AMS CM36 Ultimate Cigarette Vending Machine for sale

AMS CM36 Ultimate Cigarette Vending Machine for sale: The pinnacle of cigarette vending technology, the Ultimate Cigarette Vending Machine, represents an unparalleled solution for satisfying one’s craving for cigarettes. The Ultimate Cigarette Machine boasts a compact design yet offers a wide range of cigarette options and substantial storage capacity. These cigarettes are conveniently displayed within a vending machine equipped with a transparent glass front. The strategic placement of these delicacies behind a transparent glass front enables prospective purchasers to exercise their preference in selecting a desired brand of cigarette from the available assortment. The cigarette vending machine, known as the Ultimate, has undergone reconfiguration by our team of professionals within our manufacturing facility. As a result, we can confidently assure you of a highly satisfactory experience while utilizing this machine to purchase your preferred brand of cigarettes. This particular vending machine has the capability to be installed in more compact spaces and has the capacity to dispense about 36 distinct goods simultaneously. The price range of the cigarettes available varies from $5 to $100, catering to a wide range of individuals’ preferences and budgets.


  • Small footprint machine but able to vend 36 different items.
  • Pricing ranges from 5 cents to $100.00.
  • Guaranteed Delivery System: The customer will always receive their merchandise.
  • A deeper hopper design accommodates more items.
  • Dispenses 360 cigarette packs.
  • can also be reconfigured to vend lighters, chewing tobacco, and all other cigarette items.
  • includes a new changer and validator. with a two-year  manufacturer’s warranty
  • Optional new Credit Card reader with one-year manufacturers warranty and free installation
  • The credit card reader is able to keep up with all the sales in the machine and will be inputted online in your computer.
  • A 3-year parts warranty excludes fluorescent lights, glass, and paint finishes.  Shipping is not included.
  • Parts readily available usually ship the same day through A&M.
  • 28 ½” wide, 29 ½” deep, and 72” tall.
    36 selections hold 10 packs each.
  • Shipping weight 555 lbs.
  • Validator & Changer Validator accepts $1,$5, $10 & $20 bills.
  • 5 Tube changer dispenses $1 coin, quarters, dimes, & nickels.



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